Shirakawa Checkpoint

-Throughout the years this area has been a favorite of poets

Shirakawa Checkpoint
Shirakawa Checkpoint is one of the three most famous points in Tohoku, along with Nakoso and Nezu. It is said that the barrier was built around the 5th century by the Yamato Imperial Court to protect against an attack by the Emishi troops.

☛what is Emishi?

Centuries later, after the checkpoint was abolished, this area became famous as an "Utamakura", a symbolic word in Japanese poetry.A lot of famous poets such as Noin and Basho visited this place and wrote poems. Even today this place still attracts aspiring poets.

Shirakawa Seki-no-mori Park

Shirakawa Seki-no-mori Park
Around the Shirakawa Checkpoint at "Shirakawa Seki-no-mori Park", you will find an attractive ground with an abundance of trees. In this park, you can see "Furusato-no-Ie", a country house that remains in the thatch-roofed style of the Shirakawa region.

You can also see some playground equipment that is intended to blend in with its natural surroundings. You can also enjoy some of the facilities for tourists such as the "Visual House".

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