Anchin Nenbutsu Odori (Buddhist Dance)
dateMarch 27th
Plum orchard in Shirakawa Komine Castle
dateMid to Late March
Mt. Sekisan Open
dateLate March
detailOf all one-hundred Utsukushima mountains, it is the first to be opened each year. It is said that Yoshitsune Minamoto and Basho Matsuo visited Manganji Temple on the mountaintop.
Japanese Dogtooth Violet Festival
dateEarly April (Saturday / Sunday)
detailThis festival is held in Shirakawa-Seki-no-mori park. around the time that Japanese dogtooth violets bloom at Shirakawa-no-seki site. You can enjoy handmade Shirakawa soba-noodles as well as performance on stage and flea markets.
Cherry Blossom Festival
dateMid to Late April
detailOtohime Sakura Cherry Blossom at Shirakawa Komine Castle, Nanko Park
Noted Cherry Blossom and Row of Cherry Blossom Trees for viewing
dateMid to Late April
detailOtohime Sakura Cherry Blossom, Rakuouzakura Cherry Blossom, Takahagi Cherry Blossom, Ishihara Shidarezakura Cherry Blossom and others.
Mt. Gontagurayama Open
dateApril 29th
detailMt. Gontagurayama (976 meter) is the tallest mountain in Shirakawa city with beautiful mountain ridge. It is located in the northwest part of the city. You can enjoy mountain climbing throughout the periods with Japanese dogtooth violet blossoms in spring, virgin forests of beech and Japanese oak in summer, and beautiful colored leaves in autumn.
Boating at Nanko Park, Nanko Dango-dumpling
dateApril to Late October
Hanashizume Festival at Nanko Shrine
dateEarly May
detail This festival is to pray for the safety of all families and good health of children. It is famous for its children's parade in Suirakukan.
Shirakawa Flower World
dateEarly May
Wisteria in Owada
dateEarly to Late May
detail This is one of the most prominent of all wisteria locations in Japan. The 150 years old " Owada no Fuji (Owada's Wisteria)" blooming colorfully is a sight to see.


Shirakawa Rose Garden at Shirakawa Komine Castle
dateJune 1st to 30th
detail9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, open everyday during the season
Adults 300 yen, High school students 300 yen, Child 100 yen
Cow lily and water lily at Nanko Park
dateJune to August
Tentonenbutsu Sanjimosa Dance at Sekibe Hachiman Shrine
dateThe first Sunday of July
Chochin Festival in Tokaichi in Taishin area
dateLate July
River Festival at Kumadogawa River Park in Taishin
dateLate July
detailThis event is commune with the river, protect and nurture its natural beauty. There are lots of enjoyable events such as a speed-eating contest, stone-dragging race, karaoke competition and so on under the summer sky. Spectacular fireworks and waterworks shows conclude the festival.
Shirakawa-Seki Festival
dateEarly August
detailThe unique and elaborate vehicle free promenades are organized on the main street in various towns from Motomachi to Tenjinmachi.
Fireworks Event
dateAugust 14th to 16th
Kamako Bon Festival Dance at Chodenji Temple
dateMid August
Furusato Omotego Festival at Omotego Athletic Park
dateLate August
detailThere are lots of enjoyable events on stage, stalls and so on. It is a vibrant, locally-based festival that many local people gather to cerebrate.


Shirakawa Chochin Festival
dateMid September
Higashi Furusato Marathon at Kochinodai Athletic Park
dateMid September
detailAtsushi Fujita who is an athlete from Higashi area of Shirakawa city is invited as a guest to this event. It is held throughout the peaceful countryside.
Health Walk Rally at Kumado River area
dateMid October
detailA walk rally though Kumadogawa River. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the clear river. The protection of this water resource and communication between participants (citizens) is promoted with the event.
Harvest and Soba-Noodle Festival at Shirakawa seki-no-mori park
dateThe fourth Saturday and Sunday
detailThis festival is held in time for harvesting agricultural products. You can taste miso soup with pork and vegetables, taste local handmade soba-noodles, and try the sweet potato digging event.
Autumn colored leaves
dateLate October to Mid November
detailat Nanko Park, Hijiriga-Iwa, Yanta River Seseragi Street and others.
Shirakawa Domannaka Foods & Crafts Market
dateEarly November
Sunrise Higashi Festival at Kochinodai Park
dateNovember 3rd
detailThis is the biggest festival in Higashi area. It is filled with lots of enjoyable events that visitors from children to the elderly can enjoy throughout the day. There are stalls, flea markets and so on. A lot of people from within and outside the prefecture visit and enjoy the festival.
Byakkoi-no-sato family walk in Omotego
dateMid November
detailThis walking rally is centered in the "Byakkoi" aquatic plant that grows naturally only in Shirakawa city, Japan. There are events on stage, regional products fairs, a lottery and more.


Loyal Retainer Momorial and Soba-Noodle meet at Kansenji Temple
dateDecember 14th
detailThis event is held in Kansenji Temple where there's a grave of the wife of Kansuke Nakamura, one of the Ako loyal retainers. After a ritual, participants commemorate the loyal retainers by eating soba-noodles as it is.
Landing Zone for Swan
dateEarly December to Late March
detailat Oike in Omotego area, Nanko park and Abukuma River in Higashi area.
Kashima Shrine Daidai Kagura
dateJanuary 10th to 11th
Nengumachi Dango Market at Ryozoji Temple
dateComing-of-age day, the second Monday in January
detailThis event is the custom to pray for a large harvest of grain by decorating branches of mulberry and Mizu trees with Dange (rice dumplings) and gold coins. There are many stalls that sell "Dango tree" on the approach of the temple.
Nanko Shrine Setsubun Festival
dateFebruary 3rd
detailBags of bean containing lottery for gifts, oranges, snacks, sweets and others are scattered among visitors.
Shirakawa Daruma-Doll Market
dateFebruary 11th

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