Shirakawa Ramen

-Crunchy handmade curly noodles with rich soup

Shirakawa Ramen
Shirakawa Ramen is a palatable and crunchy handmade noodle with rich soup.

There are about one-hundred ramen shops in the city and each shop owner seeks their own special taste, laying the foundation for Shirakawa's unique ramen culture.

Shirakawa Soba-Noodles

-Nurtured by clear water and envrionment

Shirakawa Soba-Noodles
It is said that over 200 years ago, Sadanobu Matsudaira, who was once the feudal lord, recommended the locals cultivate buckwheat that could endure cold-weather.

This is the beginning of the "Noodle Culture" which took root in Shirakawa. Shirakawa is one of the four major Soba cities in Japan. The others being Shinshu, Izumo and Morioka. Each shops unique way of making noodles and sauce contributes to soba's high popularity.

Sweets in Shirakawa

-Famous confections unique to a castle town

Sweets in Shirakawa
Sadanobu Matsudaira who was also known as a tea master influenced this area's tea ceremony. It was very popular with the locals.

From his influence, the tea master at the time develope excellent confections.You can enjoy various unique local sweets such as Nanko Dango (dumpling) and rice crackers, which are not only known for their taste, but also for their style.

Now, there is many good sweet shops in Shirakawa that have existed for generations since the time the castle was the center of the town. Shirakawa's signature sweet will assure you lasting memories of your tirp to Shirakawa.

Nanko Dumpling

-This is real Shirakawa original

This small sized dumpling is a real Shirakawa original. For the cherry blossom viewing in spring, this dumpling makes a great snack, but this dumpling is available all year round.

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